Filipino Scientists Invent A Gene Therapy That Can Cure Stupidity

DD073CAE-AD10-400F-8125-3C2BA10B6B54.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – When it comes to advances in medicine and technology, the Philippines is definitely not lagging behind.

Scientists at the Ateneo de Manila University have invented a gene therapy that can cure stupidity in human beings.

By injecting synthetic ‘I’ (intelligence) genes into clusters of naturally-occuring ‘S’ (stupidity) genes, researchers said that stupid people can transform into more intelligent individuals in just weeks.

The research, funded by the nonprofit group Intelligence Quotient International, was prompted by persistent reports that more and more Filipinos — especially elected politicians and anti-Duterte bloggers — have displayed serious cases of non-human intelligence lately.

The new discovery is sure to be among the frontrunners in next year’s Nobel Prize for Science and Technology.


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