VP Leni Robredo quits Liberal Party!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – With a single tweet of less than 140 characters, Vice President Leni Robredo quit the Liberal Party — all in the name of national unity.2C22B36D-D9D2-45F4-B8ED-40F3CC8C409B.jpeg


3 thoughts on “VP Leni Robredo quits Liberal Party!”

  1. Hmmmm something fishy here this migth be an LP politcal tactics to divert the attention of the filipinos where they can enjoy after 2022 again or beacuse she’s afraid what will be the outcome of the empichment of the comelec chairman Bautista testimony. Why did she change her mind now? Why? What’s really in your mind madam VP after all you have done and damage the face of the Philippines to the UN Council, beacause of you we are distroyed. We Filipinos working abroad been shamed shamed of what you’ve done you did not think of us were the front liner of our country not you shame on you madam VP do think you can just rectify the image just like that think…..that’s only my opinion madam I still respect you but not hoe the way you win the election .


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