How Filipinos Can Avert War With China

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte (Photo: New York Times)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The news media have been focusing on China’s supposed threat to go to war with the Philippines should the latter pursue its claim over disputed territory in the South China Sea.

By sheer number, the Philippines is no match to China’s military power.  China has seven times the number of Filipino military personnel, not to mention the Chinese great advantage in as far as equipment like tanks, fighter aircraft, warships and submarines are concerned.

But Filipinos have an advantage over China 🇨🇳 when it comes to keyboard warriors.

IMG_1544It is estimated that almost half of the Philippine population is on Facebook, not to mention other social media accounts.

Here’s how Filipinos can avert a possible war with China:

  • Each of the 50 million or so Filipino Facebook account holders should send a minimum of 26 friend requests to the Chinese.  That would amount to a total of 1.3 Billion (the estimated population of China) Chinese friends.
  • If China decides to go to war with the Philippines, no Chinese would support it, not even its military since they all would have Facebook friends in the Philippines 🇵🇭.

Problem solved.

Long live the Filipino keyboard 🎹  warriors! Long live world peace!

(Well, if all else fails, Darna will come to the rescue):




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