Local, International News Media Reinventing Themselves


NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – From the Philippine Daily Inquirer to The New York Times, from CNN to ABS-CBN, news outlets are reinventing themselves, introducing new logos and coming clean to stay true to their political leanings.

The growing trend comes amid sagging popularity and credibility among legitimate news organiztions which have been facing stiff competition from social media and citizen journalists.

More news outlets are expected to follow suit.

Rappler is now Wrapper. Inquirer is now Inqueerer. Reuters is now Reuters’ Hooters. The New York Times is now The New York Thymnes. TIME is now LAME. ABS-CBN is now ABias-CBN,  CNN is now FNN (Fake News Network) and FOX News Channel is now Faux News Channel.

As for The Adobo Chronicles? Well, we’ve always been true to our mission, so we will stay put.


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