Adobo Chronicles’ Dream Debate Teams For The Luneta Social Media Face-Off

IMG_0656.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Last week, The Adobo Chronicles announced that it was sponsoring a face-to-face debate between the social media bloggers on either side of the political spectrum :  the pro and anti-Dutertes.

Originally, the anti-Duterte team wanted to hide behind identical face masks to protect their anonymity.

But there’s good news! The anti-Duterte team said they are willing to field their “out” members to debate the equally out pro-Duterte bloggers.

So we’ve assembled what we call the “dream teams” for this once-in-a-lifetime” social media blogger debate to be held at the Luneta Grandstand, with the exact date still to be determined.

Here’s our line-up:

RED TEAM, Pro-Duterte

Atty. Bruce Rivera, Sass Rogando Sasot, MJ Quiambao, Vivian Velez, Cocky Rocky, Antonio Contreras and Thinking Pinoy.

YELLOW TEAM, Anti-Duterte

Jim Paredes, Raissa Robles, Cynthia Patag (we couldn’t find a recent photo, sorry), Atty. Falcis (his first name escapes us), Carlos Celdran, Georginaaaaaa Hernandez and Leah Navarro.

Moderators will be from The Adobo Chronicles and Politikal Pinoy.  Ms. Mocha Uson will be the host for the Facebook Live telecast.

It’s going to be a Thrilla’ in Manila, Part II!

Stay tuned!




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