Short List Of Nominees To Replace Ousted Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay

L-R: Nicolas-Lewis, Paredes, Sison, Poe, Laguatan

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It’s final: Perfecto Yasay is now ex-Foreign Secretary.  This, after the Commission on Appointments unanimously rejected his nomination to the powerful post after he lied about his U.S. citizenship.

Now, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte must pick Yasay’s replacement.

Sources close to The Adobo Chronicles indicated that Duterte has narrowed his choices to a short list of 5 people, namely:

  1. Entertainer/Musician Jim Parades (Australia)
  2. Millionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis (U.S.)
  3. Communist Party of the Philippines Founder Jose Ma Sison (Netherlands)
  4. Immigration Attorney Ted Laguatan (U.S.)
  5. Senator Grace Poe (Philippines)

Can you guess what all five alleged nominees have in common?

Is it going to be smooth-sailing this time around at the Commission on Appointments?


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