FilAm Millionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis To VP Leni Robredo: “How Could You?”

IMG_8260.JPGNEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – An obviously distraught Loida Nicolas-Lewis today called Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo “persona non grata.”

The Filipino American millionaire who is part of a U.S.-based group that is calling for the resignation of President Rodrigo Duterte had these words to say to Robredo: “How could you?”

Nicolas-Lewis issued the statement after Robredo told reporters in Manila Sunday that an “Oust Duterte” movement is not good for the Philippines.


Nicolas-Lewis recently urged Duterte to resign so that Robredo can take over.

“We have spent so much time and energy grooming her to become president,” Nicolas-Lewis said of Robredo, “and just like that, she is practically saying she wants nothing to do with our efforts to oust Duterte.”

The FilAm millionaire likened Robredo’s statement to a balloon that just burst because someone pricked it with a pin.

When contacted by The Adobo Chronicles, Nicolas-Lewis said she has no idea what the U.S-based group’s next steps would be. “We need to regroup and think up of something else,” she said.


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