Donald Trump Scores Another A-1 List Inaugural Performer: Justin Beiber

L-R: Evancho, Pacquiao, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Bieber

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – After weeks of frustration and uncertainty, Donald Trump appears on the way to assembling his A-1 list of performers for his January 20 presidential inaugural.

Included in his list so far are Jackie Evancho (of America’s Got Talent), the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Filipino boxer-senator-singer Manny Pacquiao, and now — Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

The inaugural committee confirmed to The Adobo Chronicles that Bieber has agreed to perform during the inauguration ball — on one condition: that he be granted U.S. citizenship.

Bieber is at risk of being deported by the Trump administration because of his immigration status and his run-in with the law.

Previously, Bieber was arrested in Miami, Florida and booked on charges of driving under the influence (DUI), resisting arrest and driving on an expired license.

He has had other misdemeanors,  ranging from peeing into a restaurant mop bucket in New York and failure to pay a $1,600 bill he owed an indoor skydiving facility.

Trump reportedly personally assured Bieber of protection from deportation, as well as U.S. Citizenship if he agreed to perform at the inaugural.


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