Philippine Congress Concludes Hearing On De Lima and Dayan’s Love-Hate Relationship

Dayan at the Congressional hearing

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – A committee of the Philippines’ House of Representatives today concluded its investigative hearing on the love-hate relationship between Senator Leila De Lima and his driver-bodyguard Ronnie Dayan.

Dayan was the star witness at today’s hearing by the House Committee on Justice, a day after he was arrested for contempt of Congress.  He earlier failed to appear before the House in its investigation of the alleged illegal drug trade proliferation inside the New Bilibid Prison.  De Lima has been accused of receiving money from drug lords to support her senatorial campaign while Dayan was named by witnesses as her bagman.

Brilliant members of Congress who boasted of their law and investigative expertise asked Dayan many pointed and leading questions in an effort to establish the intensity of the love relationship between De Lima and Dayan.

The questions by the committee members succeeded in establishing an indisputable fact that the romantic relationship between the senator and her driver at one point reached Intensity 5 — an achievement that Filipino taxpayers can be proud of in as far as their elected representatives are concerned.



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