Duterte Offers Refugee Status To Filipino Americans Trying To Flee Trump Presidency

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has lashed out at the “hypocrisy” of the West for closing borders to an exodus of refugees whom he said he would welcome to his country until it was “filled to the brim”.

Commenting on the refugee exodus that has plagued Europe, Duterte said Western countries had failed those most in need and the Philippines, a developing country of 100 million, was willing to take them in.

“They can always come here, and will be welcome here,” he said.

“It’s all right. We will survive. I say send them to us. We will accept them. We will accept them. They are human beings.”

In a collateral move, Duterte also announced that his administration will offer refugee status to all Filipino Americans trying to flee Donald Trump’s presidency.

The election of Trump has prompted many Americans to plan their exodus to Canada, Europe and Asia.

“There will be no questions asked,” Duterte said. “All that Filipino Americans need to do is to renounce their U.S. citizenship and come to the Philippines.  He made it clear that his refugee status offer is open to all, including the FilAms who have been very critical of his administration.

“Blood is thicker than politics,” Duterte added.


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