Trump: If I Become President, I Will Court Back Philippines President Duterte

imageFLETCHER, North Carolina (The Adobo Chronicles, Chicago Bureau) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took notice today of Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s recent pronouncement that he “will separate” from American and align himself with China and Russia.

Duterte’s pronouncement was made during his state visit to China last week.

At a rally in Fletcher, Trump said that the Philippines has  “broken with decades of pro-American foreign policy to instead leave for the orbit of China and Russia.” The GOP nominee attacked President Obama for spending too much time campaigning for Hillary Clinton instead of working. “Our economy isn’t growing at all,” he added.

Trump promised his audience and supporters that if elected in November, he will court back the Philippines and make it an equal partner of the U.S., with no strings attached.

“I like President Duterte, and I know he likes me,” Trump said.  “We talk alike, we think alike and we both do love the Philippines.”

Trump forgot he recently named the Philippines as among the countries that harbor terrorists and should be banned from entering the United States.

Whatever works for you, Mr. Trump!

Watch video of Trump talking about the Philippines.



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