Duterte Critic Cynthia Patag Upset There Was No Foreign Aid For Victims Of Two Philippine Typhoons



MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – She’s a retired singer-comedienne in the Philippines and a known fierce critic of the Duterte administration. Her full-time job now is to take to her social media account to criticize everything the current government does.

Cynthia Patag’s latest complaint is that the Philippines has not received any foreign aid in the aftermath of two powerful typhoons that hit the country in the last week.

She can’t understand what’s different now from what happened when Haiyan (Yolanda) devastated the country and millions of dollars of foreign aid poured in, a huge chunk of it has not been accounted for by the previous administration. She also wondered why no foreign relief goods have come in, unlike during Yolanda where said goods were left to rot instead of distributed to the typhoon victims.img_6575

Patag blames President Duterte’s statements and policy pronouncements in which he made clear to the U.S., Europe and the U.N. that the Philippines is a sovereign country and should not be at the mercy (with strings attached) of foreign governments.

DSWD relief goods for typhoon victims

While Patag was ranting and spreading hate and rumors on her Facebook page, Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Judy Taguiwalo announced that the Philippine government has more than sufficient funds and relief goods to deal with the effects of the past two typhoons and that is precisely why no foreign aid has been sought.

Apparently, Patag didn’t get Tuguiwalo’s memo. Or she intentionally ignored it, which is not surprising given her yellow-tinted glasses and computer screen.



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