In Case You Were Wondering, This Is How The VP Debate Moderator Looks Like

Quijano (Getty Images)

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – You knew someone was asking questions. You heard her voice and heard her name mentioned by both VP candidates.  But if you tuned in right after last night’s  vice presidential debate started (introductions not included), you were probably thinking the questions were coming from a television studio or by Skype. So did millions of CNN viewers.

Not once did the cameras show the face of the debate moderator. IN ALL OF 90 MINUTES!

Her name is Elaine Quijano, the first Asian American to moderate a major U.S. political debate.  She is a woman of Filipino heritage.

We’re not suggesting racism or sexism, or CNN bias (Quijano is with CBS).  Ironically, before joining CBS, she was with CNN.

So in the interest of public service, we’re now showing you how she looks like.  You’re welcome!



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