Duterte Poll: What New Name Should Be Given to Malacañang?

image.pngMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Saying that the name Malacañang ‘sucks with imperialism,’ Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte reiterated his desire to rename the presidential palace.

Although he is leaning towards “People’s Palace,” Duterte wants to get input from the Filipino people.

He has asked The Adobo Chronicles to conduct a poll among its millions of readers worldwide to suggest names that would truly reflect the history, symbolism and importance of the palace especially to its former occupants and the entire nation.

Participate in the poll below to help the president pick a new name for Malacañang:




2 thoughts on “Duterte Poll: What New Name Should Be Given to Malacañang?”

  1. Marcos Memorial Palace! Because Marcos is the best world leader ever. In fact, according to a video I’ve watched on Youtube, Marcos was actually the one who prepared the blueprint of Malacañang. The Spaniards claimed ownership of the blueprint. To protest this false claim, Marcos and his Maharlika went to Pugad Lawin and together, tore their cedulas to pieces. Thus starting the Philippine Revolution. #MarcosPaRinMgaUlol


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