Philippine President Duterte Challenges Donald Trump To A Fistfight; Republican Candidate Calls Filipinos ‘Animals’

image.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may have finally met his match in Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte. The two have often been likened to each other, but they are thousands of miles apart, literally and figuratively.

Today, Duterte publicly challenged Trump to a fistfight — gloves off — after the American businessman-turned-politician called for the banning of Filipinos from entering the United States.

Campaigning in Maine on Thursday, Trump called for restrictions on immigrants from the Philippines and other countries with high rates of terrorism.

In his speech, Trump listed several immigrants, mostly from Muslim majority countries — Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Yemen — who were arrested for conducting or threatening to carry out violent attacks, teaching bomb-making to recruits, and otherwise supporting terror groups.  He called them ‘animals.’

Trump had proposed the immigration ban previously but this was the first time that he specifically mentioned the Philippines.

Upon learning of Trump’s statement, Duterte went on national state television, inviting Trump to Manila so that the two could engage in a boxing match, ‘man to man.’

“I will not take any insult on my Filipino people sitting down,” Duterte said. “Let’s settle this once and for all, extra-judicially.”

Addressing Trump directly, Duterte said, “If you are too scared to come to Manila, I can come meet you in Las Vegas, at the Trump Towers or at the MGM Grand Arena.”

The Trump camp has yet to respond to Duterte’s challenge.

UPDATE: Philippines Voids Building Permit Of Trump Tower In Makati City







71 thoughts on “Philippine President Duterte Challenges Donald Trump To A Fistfight; Republican Candidate Calls Filipinos ‘Animals’”

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  2. Long live the President of the Philippines!, the defender of the Country. Mabuhay ka! Wag mo ng Patulan ang mga lifer ng mga banding timatalikod sa Diyos! Ang pagpapala, pagbabago ay magmumula sa bansang Philippines!


  3. whatever…should we think on how we can improve our lives ?…too much opinions weary the minds…God overrules… just pray for a good future where we give way and chance to succeeding generations…after all its still a one world…where God rules…


    1. I won’t be voting for Trump and neither for Hillary. It doesn’t matter who they are, politicians lies. They will say anything what people wants to hear. But now Duterte said, he’s challenging Trump for a fist fights? Now, would that really solve the problems? NO! Pres Duterte, you should know better. Be a role model to the Filipinos. Challenging Trump is not going to make you a hero. It’s very childish and just promote violence. Don’t stoop down to his level. You are the President now, so please just ignore him. I know it is hard to do that but really it is the mature thing to do to engage in physical confrontation…


  4. let there be peace , teach Mr Trump to humble his heart care for him and enlighten him , mercy for him for what he done to save his people and tell him also not all philippine people are muslim. If theres a light theres a way . Solve this in a correct manner in a right appropriate ethics not in any scandalous or any trouble mumbling words – God bless americans


    1. Sorry to tell you you’re not an animal. Human and animal are not the same. Humans have soul and spirit but animals don’t have.Humans will face final judgment before God but animals after they die they will never resurrect and face God. So humans are not animals.


    1. SO you take the doze of your medicine Mr. Trump? but if true. the fist fight between the two is like David and |Goliath in which Goliath is winning ha ha ha ha ha dont you think so people of the world?


    2. He may not have called us animals but branding us as terrorist is almost the same. And you call us your friend? He has a business interest here, how could he brand us as terrorists? If there is a terrorist country (not necessarily the people) it is the USA. How many wars did you export? You fight your wars in other countries in the guise of protecting that country’s people but your real intention is your greed for the natural resources of that country. Americans are generally good people, maybe Trump the dumb is the exemption.

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      1. Trust me, I do NOT consider you tagalog speaking filipinos my friend. You never was and you Never will be. Many white guys are here because of the Filipina’s desire to acquire a relationship with a foreigner.


    3. I am not a fan of Trump and neither Hillary but I had doubts that he called the Filipinos animals. I wondered if someone started all these rackets by someone. I’ve been looking for the said videos which I cannot find anywhere.


  5. It is a concern that a president, and would be president should not at all cost, degrade themselves to a very low profile than what they should be as professionals, and leaders for a good cause, of our nation, and not tearing down each other, nor challenging for a fist to a fist, which is not at all a common good for our young and all, other than be role models of our world which is supposed to be a call in a Christian world. Catherine A. Mostajo August 07, 2016 Sunday 3:39 P.M.


    1. Did Trump really say Filipinos are animals? I can’t find myself to believe it…But if that’s the real case, I think Trump will very much regret it…He’s going to lose a lot of votes from the Filipino communities in the U.S. for sure…While on the terrorism issue, it must be understood that because of the Abu Sayaff group and other terrorist activities in the Philippines, my old country the Philippines is not an exception and I don’t have any disagreement if Philippines is included in the ban…That’s just the reality that we people in the world, not only Filipinos/Filipino-Americans, must understand and accept…Because if we put the Philippines in the American shoes regarding terrorism I believe Philippines would do the same to protect the country and its people…IrenRab Hare

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    2. This year’s election of US president is quite revealing. It shows that almost 50% of voters are NON-THINKING Americans. Despite the ugly truths often shown in the news about Trumps egocentric personality, collapsed of his companies due to mismanagement, the irresponsible pronouncements against immigrants and US Allies, the impractical and unattainable promises, these _ _ _ pid Americans are still fanatically supporting him.


      1. The real non thinkers are the Liberals supporting a criminal for President. by the way people —There are several terrorist groups operating in the Philippines that continue to pose a threat. These groups include New People’s Army (NPA), the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and other associated groups. Although there is hope that the 2014 comprehensive peace agreement will bring the 40 year insurgency in the south of the country to an end, extreme elements within the two main insurgent groups, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), continue to pose a security threat. A splinter group of the MILF, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), has been responsible for a number of attacks on the Philippine military and security services. So Trump is not wrong wanting to vet people from there!


  6. I can not believe Trump is stupid enough to say that, I have been an avid supporter of Trump… but if he did say that, I would love to punch Trump in the face about 10 times…. maybe 20. Duterte is the best president ever… anywhere. Still … it is best not to believe the Killery media that lives by lies…just like Killery.


    1. Dan: Yes, Trump did say this. It’s very easy to find video online of Trump saying that people from countries with terrorism problems shouldn’t be allowed into the US. He offers no exceptions.


    2. You clearly have not listened to him enough. There is nothing he’s not stupid enough to do. This story is likely to be a hoax, I can find no supporting information from reputable sites, but, it is funny for sure. I’d really like to see the fight.


  7. Dear Editor:
    Thank you for your bogus news story. My association with the Filipino people goes back to 1950 as a child, a dependant on Clark AB. I was stationed there and on Mactan in the 60’s and 70’s. My wife is a Cebuana Pinay and of course my children are Filipino.I’ve made several trips back since then and was intending to make another.
    So long as there are morons like you, I will forgo that and keep my money here in the US. At last count I have 1600 FB friends who many, the vast majority are Filipinos. I am posting your bullshit without your link and advising them to NOT visit the Philippines because of your post, and to repost my post calling you out. How much were you paid to post this bilge? I hope it was worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you don’t believe Trump actually said this, and you have long had ties to the Philippines, then how does it make sense to react by telling people to keep their money in the US, and not to travel to the Philippines? It seems like your reaction is the opposite of what it should be.


    1. The headline is accurate. Trump has been calling for not allowing ANYONE into the US from countries with terrorism problems. That’s the issue: Trump is painting all citizens of many countries with a broad brush.


  8. Brillant Dutarte! You need the Americans to back you up with the Chinese who are owning you in the South China Sea. But you piss off the guy who will either back you up or let you swing in the wind. Brillant. By the way, were you not supposed to ride a skido out to the disputed territory and plant your flag there? What ever happened to that plan? You did you lose your nerve?


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