Leaked: Donald Trump Poised To Quit Presidential Race

Trump: hands up and quitting?

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Calling the general elections “rigged” and with support for his presidential bid fast eroding, Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to quit the race altogether, according to leaked emails obtained by The Adobo Chronicles.

The confidential personal emails between Trump and two of his children, Ivanka and Donald Jr., clearly indicated his growing frustration over his failing campaign.

In one of the emails, Trump complained that support for his campaign, including from high-ranking and well-respected leaders of his own party, is falling apart and could cause him the greatest embarrassment yet in his business and political career. “I can’t fathom losing the election to that woman,” he told his children, referring to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. He specifically mentioned Senator John  McCain’s criticism of his comments against the mother of Muslim American Capt. Humayun Khan who was killed in Iraq trying to save the lives of his fellow soldiers.

In another email exchange with Ivanka, Trump also lamented the fact that wife Melania has been unfairly dragged into negative campaign politics starting with her plagiarized speech at the Republican National Convention, and now with nude photos appearing in The New York Post and all over social media.

The last straw for Trump seems to have been the early endorsement of Hillary Clinton by The Houston Chronicle, traditionally known for supporting Republican candidates, as well as President Barack Obama’s recent call for the GOP to withdraw its support for their presidential candidate.

“I want to save whatever is left of my dignity and celebrity status by quitting the (presidential) race now before it becomes too late,” he wrote to his son and daughter.



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