Philippines: One-Lane Policy May Be Key To Solving Manila’s Traffic Nightmare



How do you solve the nightmarish traffic problem of Metro Manila without getting rid of mass transport like buses and jeepneys?  Not even the establishment of the light railway system or the “coding” system seemed to have created a dent on this hellish situation.

Well, we think we have just the right solution, thanks to our traffic experts here at The Adobo Chronicles.

We propose a one-lane per vehicle policy at all times in all major thoroughfares in Metro Manila, and this is how it works:

Any motorist — whether driving a bus, jeepney, taxi or private car — caught on closed circuit TV (CCTV) occupying more than one lane on any street or avenue should be fined or imprisoned, or both.  The same punishment should imposed on motorists trying to overtake another vehicle from  the right, instead of the left.

And here’s the key:  the penalty will depend on how many lanes a vehicle is occupying at the time the photo was taken — two lanes would mean double the fine and prison term; three lanes would triple the penalty, and so on.

While overtaking from the left will continue to be legal, it has to be done as quickly as possible so as not to be caught on candid camera.

We hope President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s transportation team will heed this call.


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