Another Epic Fail With Trump-Pence Revised Campaign Logo

imageCLEVELAND, Ohio (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – When the Republican Party first unveiled the logo of the Trump-Pence campaign, it immediately drew intense ridicule on social media.

The logo, meant to promote presidential candidate Donald Trump and his chosen VP running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence, looked like a cork screw piercing through a wine bottle.  Many commented that it symbolized how Trump is screwing and plans to screw Pence and the American people.

Well, the ad agency hired by the GOP quickly pulled the controversial logo and designed a new one, something they thought would be less controversial while aiming to reach out to native Americans — or so they thought.

The new logo bears the text “Trump-Pence, Make America Great Again” superimposed on a striped teepee and the U.S. flag perched atop the conical tent.

The orginal teepees were the homes of the nomadic tribes of the Great Plains. They were built using a number of long poles as the frame. The poles were tied together at the top and spread out at the bottom to make an upside down cone shape. Then the outside was wrapped with a large covering made of buffalo hide.

Apparently, the copy writers and graphic designers of the GOP ad agency mistakenly thought that Pence descended from Native Americans because he was from Indiana. They also thought the use of the tent image was cute because “teepee” reads exactly like TP, or Trump-Pence.

Epic fail, indeed.



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