Actress Nora Aunor On Duterte Inauguration: “Walang Himala!”

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It was June 30, 2016, the day Rodrigo Roa Duterte was to take his oath of office as the 16th president of the Philippines.

In early morning, the sky over Manila was cloudy.  Then there was thunder. Mother nature was about to rain on Duterte’s parade.  Was it an ominous sign of things to come?

Then after the brief rain, the sky cleared. Military honors for the incoming president  reverted to Plan A — outdoors.

But then, inside the Rizal Hall of the presidential palace, Malacañang, something mysterious was going on.

Throughout Duterte’s inaugural speech, hundreds inside the hall, as well as millions of Filipinos watching the ceremony on television, saw the image of Jesus Christ, peering from the blue section of the Philippine flag behind the president.

“Duterte is the chosen one,” many exclaimed.

The Adobo Chronicles interviewed Filipino multi-awarded actress Nora Aunor (whom former President Aquino snubbed for a national artist award), and who is considered an expert on extra-natural occurrences in her films and in real life.

Aunor in “Himala”

She was quick to dismiss the reported “miracle.”

“Walang himala,” (There is no miracle) she said, reprising her famous line in one of her most memorable films, “Himala.”

When asked what she thought happened, Aunor said, “I’m sure President Aquino’s housekeeper just forgot to iron the flag before it was displayed on stage.  It happens.”

So there you have it. It was no miracle.  No Jesus Christ on the Philippine flag.

But we still think Duterte is the chosen one.



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