Philexit: Yellow Celebrities Launch Petition To Secede From The Philippines

From top, clockwise: Patag, Celdran, Navarro, Paredes

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – First, there was Brexit — the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union (EU).  Then, there’s Texit — conservative Texans plotting to secede from the United States.  Now, there’s Philexit.

Loyal followers of outgoing President NoyNoy Aquino and the Yellow Party (Liberal Party) can’t fathom their devastating defeat in the May presidential elections that saw a landslide victory for Davao City Mayor Rod Duterte. So they’re plotting to separate themselves from the incoming government.

While defeated LP presidential candidate Mar Roxas has been quiet since the elections, celebrity fans led by Cynthia Patag, Jim Paredes, Carlos Celdran and Leah Navarro have drafted a petition seeking to leave the Philippine Republic and form their own autonomous government. They will soon post the petition and are asking concerned Filipinos to sign online.

The quartet was encouraged by Duterte’s decision to make Davao City the seat of his administration. “We can then make Manila the seat of the Yellow government,” they said.

The Philexit was obviously inspired by this week’s historic referendum in the United Kingdom in which majority voted to leave the 26-member EU.

Philexit’s goal is to gather 25 million signatures, after which the petition will be submitted to Congress to pass a law approving the secession.



One thought on “Philexit: Yellow Celebrities Launch Petition To Secede From The Philippines”

  1. Roxas and aquino are the same establishment thieves , dirty is communist . Boy some choice the filippines has . One wants to break it the other wants to bury it . Yellow shirts means you are a coward . Just where in the hell you think they gonna go ? Just more stupid whiney people . You voted in a commie now you stuck with it .


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