Filipinos To Adele: ‘Hello From The Other Side’

Adele (Photo source:
Adele (Photo source:

ANTWERP, Belgium (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – Singer Adele seems to think that Filipinos live on top of coconut trees.

At a concert in Antwerp, Belgium, the mutli-awarded British singer of the famed ‘Hello’ asked her audience: “Would anyone come to my show if I went to Manila?’

Well, the fact is, Manila is a favorite destination of top international performers, with Filipinos packing concert venues and coughing up big bucks  — and we mean an entire  month’s salary — just to see their favorite celebrities perform live.

The latest diva to perform in Manila was of course none other than Madonna where a second sold-out show had to be scheduled to accommodate concert goers.

So, yes, Adele, Filipinos will absolutely, postively come to see you. Come say hello to the other side!

And by the way, we may live on top of coconut trees, but we have escalators to take us up there!

Here’s a video of that moment when Adele posed the million dollar question, shot by Michel Kappens and shared by Philippine Concerts, a Facebook guide to upcoming foreign or local concerts, gigs, live performances, and other musical events in the Philippines.






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