Donald Trump Wants All Members Of The Supreme Court Impeached

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said today that the U.S. Supreme Court should be abolished because of its dismal record in protecting the rights of American citizens.

Trump issued the statement after SCOTUS refused to take up the challenge to existing laws in New York and Connecticut banning assault weapons similar to those used in mass shootings across the country, including the recent killing of 49 people at an Orlando gay bar.

The GOP candidate has always maintained that law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice including assault weapons, military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines. “The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own,” he says on his Internet campaign page.

“If I become president, I will make sure that all the members of the Supreme Court be impeached so that I can nominate justices who will help America become great again,” Trump said.

In the entire history of the United States, the only Supreme Court justice  to be impeached was Associate Justice Samuel Chase in 1805. The House of Representatives passed Articles of Impeachment against him; however, he was acquitted by the Senate.

Trump assured the National Rifle Association (NRA) and his supporters that he has the number of votes in Congress to impeach the Supremes.

“The NRA loves me and the conservative members of Congress love me, and I love them,” Trump added. ” We will work together to ensure that we uphold the rights of citizens to bear arms.”




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