Duterte’s Message To Crocodiles In Philippine Congress

Crocodile roasting (Photo source: GMA Network)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There are two names that members of the Congress of the Philippines are often referred to: baboy  and buwaya ( pigs and crocodiles.)  Pigs because of the masssive pork barrel scam that many of the senators and congressmen were implicated in; crocodiles because of their penchant for gobbling as much as they possibly can when it comes to public funds for themselves or their most loyal constituents.

Well, change is coming under the administration of President-elect Rod Duterte.  There will no longer be any pork barrels or crocodiles in congress.

If there is any clear indication that the Davao City mayor will not tolerate any graft and corruption during his presidency, an ominous sign was seen in public during the Duterte thanksgiving and victory event held yesterday in his city.

Instead of the usual lechon (roast pig), the Duterte camp served a different kind of roast for the celebration: crocodile.

Be forewarned.



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