President Aquino: No One Can Top My Hallucinations

imageMANILA, Philippines – President Aquino on Wednesday said none of his predecessors –and not even any of the presidential candidates – can beat his administration in terms of solid hallucinations.

Aquino touted the country’s 6.2 percent annual average economic growth under his watch.

But the government’s own Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reports that more than 26% of Filipinos are still living in poverty. On the other hand, subsistence incidence among Filipinos, or the proportion of Filipinos whose incomes fall below the food threshold, was estimated at 12.1 percent in the first semester of 2015. Subsistence incidence among Filipinos is often referred to as the proportion of Filipinos in extreme or subsistence poverty.

Meanwhile,  the country’s external debt amounts to 77474.07 USD Million in 2015 as reported by the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas. In fact, as the chart below shows, the Philippines’ external debts were highest during Aquino’s years as president.


When asked for comment about the PSA  and Bangko Sentral reports, a presidential spokesperson pointed out, “that’s why he said “hallucinations” and not “accomplishments.”





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