Manny Pacquiao Asks President Aquino For Use Of Presidential Chopper For His Senatorial Campaign

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Boxing champion and senatorial candidate Manny Pacquiao today asked President NoyNoy Aquino to lend him the presidential helicopter to use during his campaign sorties.

Pacquiao made the request as Aquino defended his sister, Kris, after photos of her alighting from the presidential chopper went viral on the Internet. Critics questioned Kris’ use of the chopper in one of the campaign events for Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas.

In defending his sister, the president said that Kris is one of the biggest taxpayers and occasionally, he wants to show the biggest “investors” the progress of the government’s tax-funded projects.

Pacquiao, who is running under a rival party headed by Vice President Jejomar Binay, says that he, like Kris, is entitled to the use of the presidential chopper because is also among the biggest taxpayers.

As a matter of fact, Pacquiao is No. 1 on the list of the top 500 taxpayers, according to records of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.  Kris  is No. 16 on the list.

Sources close to Aquino have confirmed that the president is regretting opening his big mouth.  There is now no reason for him to deny Pacquiao’s request.


32 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao Asks President Aquino For Use Of Presidential Chopper For His Senatorial Campaign”

  1. Mali kasi sagot ni Noynoy. Kung niyapinanindigan niya na may pinasinayaan na kung ano dun sa lugar at si Kris ang ipinadala niya. Wag ng ipagpilitan yung tax taxes. Tingnan nyo me humihirit at kapag hindi pinagbigyan e siyempre isyu yun laban sa kanya.


    1. hi jeff. this reply is not a reflection that i am defending him. he wont get my vote i assure you. but honestly, it has a big and deep reason why anjan sya kay binay. dig deep and youll be surprised kung bakit.. eto ang clue : he has no choice. 🙂


  2. Manny Paquiao you are maybe on the Top list of 500 taxpayers but you are not a member of the First Family. Kris was entitled to ride because she is the sister of the President. Really, there was no issue here. Pinalaki lang ng mga kalaban. And by the way, Manny if you have a decency, you have no right to run for Senator. With all your wealth, you can help our poor countrymen with some other ways.


    1. It is not about being a member of the first family…. if they have the decency dapat hindi ginagamit yun para sa campaign… bawal yun. Dapat sa official use yun ng president…garapalan na yun. Ano bang klasing gobryeno ito… wala nang delikadisa.


    2. tama ka miss tessy pedeng sumakay si kris kasi kapatid sya ng presedente …pero tanong ko lang pede rin ba gamitin sa pangangampanya ? diba pinag bawal yon na gamitin ang goverment vehicle gamitin sa pangangampanya ? paki sagot nga po? salama


  3. It is really silly how people bite into Created issues during election campaign period. Honestly, didnt Imelda ride the presidential vehicles with FM? Doesnt michelle Obama ride the presidential chopper as well? Don’t you allow your family members ride your company issued service car on occasion? It’s part of the perks that go with your position. As long as it is not abused. Guys, everybody knows a lot of issues will be Created or raised as mud slinging & Black propaganda will increase as election day nears. Understandably, ganyan talaga ang local politics. One should discern & see the ‘noise’ from the substance.


    1. Manny Paquiao you are maybe on the top list 500 taxpayers but sorry you are not a member of the First Family. Kris is the sister of our President. And by the way, kung may hiya ka, you should not run as Senator. Just because you are an Icon of Boxing, you think you can capable to be a SEnator of the Phils.


      1. Why not nag-aral naman siya without probably your knowledge Pacquiao. Naipasa naman niya ang exams niya para magkahigh school diploma. At Kung hindi ako nagkkamali patients college. I Google niyo na lang para malaman niyo. Noong una rin doubt din ako, pero when I read his accomplishments I am convinced na kaya niyang magrun for senator. Pera naman niya ang ginagastos niya. Hindi na siya mangungurakot. Mas maigi nang siya kaysa sa iba na pagnanakawan ang kaban ng bayan.


      2. Ang issue ay ang maling paggamit ng presidential chopper for campain purposes… dahil ba cris aquino is one of the biggest tax payer entittled na sya gamitin un for campain purposes? Kung tax ang pagbabasehan eh pacquiao is more than entittled to do so.. pede ba tumanggi si president aquino sa request ni paqcuiao? Panu nya justify un?

        Paqcuiao may have difficulties expressing his words/self.. but definetly he is smart enogh to run for senator and have the heart for the position.


  4. Many are really throwing things way out of line and creating a big issue! What’s wrong with this anyway?? Didn’t Imelda ride the presidential vehicles with her husband? Doesn’t Michelle Obama ride with her husband on occasion? Wouldn’t you let your family members ride with you in your company service car? Hey, that’s part of your perks! Apparently, this has been blown up and politicized because it is campaign season. Simple! One can expect more mud slinging, black propaganda as election day nears. Sadly, Ganito talaga any politics natin.


    1. Walang masama po.. any can ride kun gustohin n pnoy, specialy sa mga family nia.. hindi sumakay po c kris kasi gusto nia pumonta sa cebu, sinakyan nia ang chopper upang makipag campaign para kay maro.. alam mo naman guro ang batas natin during election time? Kon nagride lang c kris dahil makinig sa rally, wala po yong prob, ang prob po, c cris ang nangumpanya kay maro..


  5. lame answer from the president, just because his sister is one of the biggest taxpayers, she should ride the chopper. stupid! it’s like saying public property cannot be used by everyone. only those who contribute much has the right to enjoy or utilize PUBLIC property. then, why do we have a democracy when this son of an idealist to democracy has a different view.


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