Philippine Presidential Candidate Rodrigo Duterte Surges In Worldwide Popularity

imageSYDNEY, Australia (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Up until last week, almost no one outside of the Philippines knew who Rodrigo Duterte was.  He is, of course, the mayor of Davao City, who is running for his country’s presidency in the upcoming May 9 national elections.

But thanks to the power of the Internet, Duterte is now one of the most popular politicians worldwide.  Even mainstream media in Australia, Europe and North America are paying very close attention.

But the tough-talking, foul-mouthed Filipino politician is becoming the talk of the world for all the wrong reasons.  It was his comments making light of rape and murder that’s giving him the spotlight, and he is unapologetic about it. In those comments, he joked that he was mad that a beautiful female Australian missionary was repeatedly raped by many men before being killed.  He was mad because he believed that the mayor should have been first in line.

The Adobo Chronicles has learned that Time magazine is already considering naming Duterte as 2016 Person of the Year.  His only competition for the honor so far are the Filipino fanatics who overwhelmingly support his candidacy, and, of course, Donald Trump.

Once again, the Philippines is front and center on the world stage — outside of boxing and beauty pageants, that is — thanks to the mayor.

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