Donald Trump: “Latinos Marco Rubio And Ted Cruz Should Be Disqualified From Running For President”

imageGREENVILLE, South Carolina (The Adobo Chronicles) – Donald Trump, who, for the longest time had questioned Barack Obama’s qualification to be president of the United States over the latter’s citizenship status, has found the perfect opening to protest the candidacies of his leading rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

During tonight’s GOP presidential debate in South Carolina, the two Cuban American candidates traded fireworks at each other.  At one point, Rubio questioned Cruz’s ability to understand and speak Spanish, to which the senator for Texas replied in the Spanish language.

Shortly after the debate, Trump said he was going to seek the disqualification of both Rubio and Cruz because he said neither of them, being Cuban, was eligible to run for U.S. president. “They just demonstrated their U.S. citizenship disqualification from the race by showing their Spanish language skills,” Trump said.

“Only natural-born citizens can run for president,” Trump maintained, “so we cannot allow Spanish-speaking candidates to run for U.S. president.”

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