If Elected President, Donald Trump Will Not Live In The White House

The Trump hotels in Las Vegas, left, and Doral
The Trump hotels in Las Vegas, left, and Doral

DES MOINES, Iowa (The Adobo Chronicles) – Since he launched his bid to be the Republican nominee for president of the United States, Donald Trump has made many promises, but nothing has caught the attention of the media and electorate more than what he said today in Iowa, on the eve of the first caucus of the 2016 presidential elections season.

If elected president of the United States, Trump says he will not live in the White House.

Instead, the billionaire candidate will establish his own White House outside of Washington, D.C. — as a matter of fact two of them : one in Florida and another in Nevada.  Trump’s White House (s) will be headquartered in the Trump hotels in Doral and Las Vegas.

“This will bring the White House — and the president — closer to the people,” Trump declared. He also indicated that he will not be using Airforce One or Marine One. Rather, he said he will be using his own private jet at no cost to the taxpayers.

The Adobo Chronicles asked Trump what will happen to the media and the White House press corps when he travels across the country or abroad.

“Well, they just have to book their own commercial flights and follow me around,” he said.

Thousands of miles away in the Philippines, a leading presidential candidate said that if elected president, he will not live in Malacañang — the Filipino counterpart of the White House — because he likes to sleep in his own bed. His bed is in Davao City of which he is currently the mayor.

Rodrigo Duterte said he will commute daily from Manila to Davao using a private jet of his friend.  Davao is about a hour and forty-five minutes by plane from Manila, which is a far way shorter commute than being stuck in daily traffic on Metro Manila’s streets.



4 thoughts on “If Elected President, Donald Trump Will Not Live In The White House”

  1. Apparently Trump accepted the request to live in the White House because it is the “appropriate thing to do!” Next, you happened to leave out he is not taking the $400000 dollar salary that Obama increased for a pay rate. Finally, have you included the how much Obama spent on vacations and Michelles aids. Do some credible reporting


    1. 1. Pres Obama did not increase his pay to $400K. Effective 2001 the annual salary was set to $400K, including $50K expense allowance. 2. Congress sets the president’s salary under Article II, Sec 1 of the Constitution. The constitution also says presidential salaries cannot be increased or decreased during a presidents current term. 3. President Elect Trump will still incur costs even if he uses his own transportation (security, and expenses of support staff). So while not taking the $400K and flying his own plane saves the Government $, you have to realize there is still costs involved even if he doesn’t take the money or he does use his own plane. And do you really think Melania is going to get to run around carefree…she will have aides too boo. You should do some credible researching.


  2. Reblogged this on Jude's Threshold and commented:
    Yeah. It can happen. And he says he says the White House needs a huge ballroom–built by his nibs, of course. But if so, will #Trump pay the contractors who build it?

    July 19, 2016 RNC: Tonight’s Full Moon (conjunct US natal Pluto @27Capricorn) will spotlight the Trump Roll Call anointing as official Republican nominee:


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