Philippine Presidential Candidate Rodrigo Duterte To Visit Vatican To Seek Forgiveness From Pope Francis

Duterte, left, and Pope Francis
Duterte, left, and Pope Francis

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) –  The Philippine Inquirer is reporting that presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte is planning to visit The Vatican to ask Pope Francis for forgiveness.

The foul-mouthed mayor of Davao City, whose statements are punctuated by expletives, recently cursed Francis for creating a huge traffic jam during the Pontiff’s visit to Manila last year.  He has since regretted the unacceptable behaviour.

Upon learning of Duterte’s planned visit to The Vatican, Pope Francis posted the following message on his Facebook page:

“OMG, Duterte is coming to The Vatican! By the grace of God, he has finally come to his senses. I will be happy to give him a private audience, but I have long forgiven him for his nasty comments about me.”

Duterte is currently ranked No. 1 among the 5 major presidential candidates.  His visit to The Vatican will surely endear him to the millions of Filipino Catholic voters and could ensure his victory in the forthcoming elections in May.


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