Donald Trump: Thumbs Up To Obama’s Plan To Deport Undocumented Immigrants Beginning In January

imageWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) – In a rare show of bi-partisanship, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump today embraced President Barack Obama’s plan to deport tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants beginning in January.

Undocumented families in the U.S. could be rounded up and deported , according to a report that has shocked immigrants rights’ advocates and provoked condemnation from Democratic presidential hopefuls.

The Department of Homeland Security is preparing for raids that would see hundreds of recently arrived immigrants deported, according to a report in The Washington Post.

Citing anonymous sources, the report said that adults and children “would be detained wherever they can be found and immediately deported”.

The operation would focus on people who entered the US from its south-west border since the start of 2014, many of whom are assumed to be escaping gang violence and institutional collapse in Central America. It would also focus on people who have already been ordered to leave by an immigration judge, according to the Post.

The White House would not confirm if the Obama plan was meant to replace these undocumented immigrants with the 10,000 Syrian refugees that the president had previously announced would be allowed into the country.

“Finally, Obama has come to his senses,” Trump said, emphasizing that “the deportation of undocumented immigrants and creating a border wall to prevent illegal immmigration have always been part of my campaign agenda.”

However, Trump said that the Obama administration’s deportation announcement does not go far enough.

“We need to do more.  We need to also deport  Americans — especially those running for public office — who have divided loyalties between  America and their foreign place of birth or lineage,” the real estate mogul stated.

Trump was obviously referring to his closest rival in the 2016 U.S. presidential race, Senator Ted Cruz, who was  raised in Texas but born in Canada to a Cuban father.

Upon learning of Trump’s comments, Cruz told The Adobo Chronicles: “Look who’s talking.  Here’s my challenge:   I will self deport if Donald does the same.”

Trump was born to a German father and Scottish mother.


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