Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, this year's Philippine bet to the Miss Universe pageant.
Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, this year’s Philippine bet to the Miss Universe pageant.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (The Adobo Chronicles) – Last September, Donald Trump sold the entire stock of the Miss Universe Organization to WME/IMG.

The new pageant owner has already made significant changes beginning with this year’s pageant which culminates with the crowning of the new Miss Universe tonight at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Among the changes:

  • The pageant has a new television broadcast home — FOX
  • WMC/IMG has reduced the number of celebrity judges from the usual 10 to just 4 (Emmy Award-nominated actress Niecy Nash, celebrity entertainment mogul Perez Hilton, 2012 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and football legend Emmitt Smith)
  • Television viewers will be able to vote for their favorite candidate in real time, and results will help determine the winner. (In the past, viewers and netizens could vote but only for Miss Photogenic, Best in National Costume and 16th finalist spot)
  • Viewers will also have the opportunity to ask the final question on pageant night

Beginning with the 2016 pageant, however, WMC/IMG announced that it will implement a ‘no makeup’ rule, meaning that contestants will not be allowed to wear any makeup.

“We believe in natural beauty, inside and out,” WMC/IMG said, “so our goal would be to find the most beautful woman in the universe sans cosmetics.”

The Miss Universe Organization is also reportedly considering additional pageant rules, including having all contestants wear the exact same evening gown for the competition.


  1. Well, I don’t see much changes on the Miss Universe Pageant, except the wearing of the same gown all through the night? that looks impractical. I hope the swim suit competition will remain untouched, because, the swim suit competition is the number one attraction of the whole show. I suggest each contestant will wear their native or country’s costumes representing their country. It would be colorful and interesting to watch. Thank you.


  2. As a former title holder, I get the natural beauty, but having some makeup on highlights the beauty, but I guess it could be interesting. When I was a younger child there was a no make up rule in the pageants I entered, a white glove test. It was great. I think all kids for sure should be natural beauty. As far as the evening gowns all being the same, it’s not good. All figures do not look good in the same styles, colors, etc. A woman’s individuality would be lost and lets face it, I am sure it would be a miss for the contestants…..boredom- and get rid of the Perez Hilton as a judge, moving on, new blood. Get former queens or someone who knows how much training goes into prep for a pageant and what to look for. I understand celebrity judges, but most really don’t understand how to judge. A contestant goes through a different panel of judges, then that is totally thrown out when the celebrity panel steps in. just not fair.


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