imageNEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – For the first time since announcing he was running for president of the United States, Donald Trump went on national television to answer specific questions ranging from creating jobs and the middle class to foreign policy and illegal immigration.

It happened on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

But the biggest news from the interview with the late night talk show host was Trump’s announcement that he has made his decision on who his vice presidential running mate would be: rapper Kanye West.

West’s political ambitions are not secret.  At the recent MTV Video Music Awards, he declared he was running for president in 2020.

In naming West, Trump said that being vice president would be a great way for West to prepare for future presidency.

Asked whether he would be willing to be a one-term president to give way for West to run in 2020, Trump said that he was hugely confident that he can solve all of the country’s problems in four years and there would be no need for a second term.

“By then, I would have trained West as my top apprentice and future president,” Trump told Fallon.

Here is a video of the Trump-Fallon interview.

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