imageSAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles® ) –  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has again hit below the belt, confirming his dislike for Kenyans, including the one living in The White House.

This time, he has attacked Kenyan athletets who won the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, saying they are “cheap frauds, masquerades and conmen/women.”

Trump made the disparaging comments in Iowa where he met veterans and promised their well being when he becomes President.

According to MSNBC, Trump’s remarks did not augur well with a handful of people and they jeered him all the way. According to Trump, Kenyans including Obama are conmen who dope and cheat on their way to the top.

He reiterated categorically that it is the US that won and not Kenya. Trump congratulated the US athletes for winning the IAAF World Championships in Beijing although they were not officially pronounced winners.

Following Trump’s comments, a Kenyan-American has started manufacturing tissue paper in the U.S. bearing Trump’s ugly image. Businessman Gideon Munguti vowed to teach Trump a lifetime lesson. .

According to 26 year old Munguti, “Trump deserves to wipe all shit and escort it to destination.”

The new household item has been selling like hotcakes and as of 5 p.m, Sunday, the limited edition toilet tissue has been on backorder at Costco, Walmart, K-mart, Safeway and Whole Foods.

Even eBay is reporting that the toilet tissue, despite being sold at exhorbitant prices, is also sold-out.

Will Trump learn not to mess with Kenyans?

Recently Kenyans from all walks of life created a twitter hashtag dubbed #someonetellTrump, to warn him to stay away from the mighty people of Kenya.

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