Angel in Campbell sky?
Angel in Campbell sky?

CAMPBELL, California  (The Adobo Chronicles®) – On Tuesday morning, KTVU Channel 2 in the San Francisco Bay Area received multiple photos from viewers  of what they had described as an appearance of angel in the sky.

The photos were taken  from different locations around the Bay Area, including Campbell. (Campbell is just a few blocks from the headquarters of The Adobo Chronicles.)

The sky was totally blue without a single cloud formation except for the rainbow-colored  phenomenon.

Hundreds of residents who saw the “apparition” over Campbell, as well as many more who saw the photos on television and on KTVU’s web site, immediately gathered at St. Lucy’s Catholic Church on Winchester Boulevard.

“It’s a sign from heaven,” they cried out. ”

Meteorologist Steve Paulson, however,  had a scientific explanation for the occurrence. He said it’s a sun dog (scientific name parhelion).

Sun dogs are a relatively common atmospheric optical phenomenon associated with the reflection/refraction of sunlight by the numerous small ice crystals that make up cirrus or cirrostratus clouds.

Regardless, the excitement of the the overflow crowd that gathered at St. Lucy’s could not be contained, not even after the church’s parish priest admonished the people to go home or go back to work.

Sun dog or angel, it was a spectacular sight to behold!

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