The Trump jet (Screen grab)
The Trump jet (Screen grab)

ON BOARD THE TRUMP JET (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – During her acceptance speech for the Republican vice presidential nomination in 2008, Sarah Palin said that she put the jet purchased by Alaska’s former governor up for sale on eBay as an example of her attempts at ethics reform.

Following in her footsteps, presidential candidate Donald Trump is doing the same but upping the ante.

Speaking with reporters on board his private jumbo jet, Trump said that if elected president of the United States, he will auction off Air Force One, the presidential plane, on eBay.

“I will have no need for Air Force One. I have my own plane. Think of the millions of taxpayer dollars that would save our government,” he said.

Asked about Marine One, the presidential helicopter, Trump said he will raffle off it off among county firefighting units across the country to help them put out forest fires or use for emergency rescue.

What about the White House?

“I will make it part of the group of museums in the National Mall on Washington D.C. I will live in one of the Trump Towers.”

Is it any wonder that Trump is surging in the polls?

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