Jindal (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (The Adobo Chronicles® ) –  He considers himself a tanned, white boy from Louisiana.

Governor and GOP presidential candidate, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, 44, has become famous for a self portrait that hangs in the Louisiana state capitol –  a visibly Caucasian chief executive.

In a limited-edition campaign t-shirt for his 2016 presidential bid, he used a very catchy slogan that says, “Tanned. Rested. Ready.”Jindal-Tee-Shirt-150x150

Today, during an interview on FOX News on the topic of the confederate flag being removed from South Carolina’s statehouse grounds, Jindal proclaimed:  “Like the same-sex marriage issue, I believe this should be decided on by the states, not the courts. Let the people’s voices be heard. Like many others who hail from the great Creole state, the Confederate flag is a symbol of my (white) heritage, and that heritage has nothing to do with racism or hate.”

Is Jindal trying to be an opposite version of Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP leader in Washington state who came under fire recently for claiming to be black?

Nah, he really is a white boy who is just tanned. Or sun-burnt.






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