imageNEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles®) – Police officers, for the most part, are rewarded or promoted for going beyond the “call of duty.” But not this officer with the New York Police Department (NYPD).  He got fired.

The still unnamed officer went beyond  his call of duty on Sunday by dancing with a gay man during the Pride Festival.  The cop showed some serious moves to the delight of hundreds of spectators.

This morning, as the officer reported for duty, he received his pink slip from his supervisor. The letter stated: ” NYPD appreciates your going beyond the call of duty, but you can’t do it while you’re on duty — especially in your police uniform.”

Upon hearing the news, several New York gay bars reached out to the officer, offering him a job as security guard or bouncer.

The Adobo Chronicles® could not independently confirm the police officer’s sexual orientation.



    1. I don’t get why they post this but yeah when you research you find this(aka it’s NOT TRUE):

      THE ADOBO CHRONICLES is your source of up-to-date, unbelievable news. Everything you read on this site is based on fact, except for the lies.

      We abide by the highest standards of creative writing and intend to make this site as respectable as possible to the extent allowed by our fertile mind. We welcome comments, but please bear in mind that this is a family-oriented site. We reserve the right to edit or censor any comment that we deem inappropriate or funnier than our posts.


  1. The original story and film clip were cool — especially with all the bad cops we’ve seen in the news, it’s nice to be reminded that a lot of cops are good guys, with a sense of humor. Nice to see a good story for a change — especially after seeing how awful the cops were at the Pride festival in Turkey. Why would you want to inflame, offend, and make people angry about this? I don’t see that this was funny or productive.


  2. To be fair . I get where His bosses are coming from. Note I have nothing against sexual orientation preferences . So I’m going to completely eliminate from this response by not mentioning it again. He is a on duty officer.Dancing while potential crime is in effect.

    Could you imagine going to your Job. . Working 3 hours getting up. Going out side . To dance with a complete stranger,have the incident filmed and shown to your boss while uniformed and time stamp of when it happened available to their discloser. If I had done it. I’m absolutely sure I’d get fired.

    I think a warning would be much more appropriate.But I can see how they’d reach that conclusion.


    1. There are multiple videos of cops dancing while on duty; even participating in impromptu dance-offs. Unless those were all in other departments AND this department issued a contrary policy, this is all about being/appearing gay, not about time use.


    1. If this is fake/satire it’s really F**KING irresponsible and in very bad taste!!! If your page is a Satire page then say so somewhere!! If this articles’ satire then at least put a gotcha/disclaimer in it on it somewhere!! There is enough bull shit in the world already, and posts like this are so inflammatory they just cause trouble. NOT CUTE or FUNNY!!!

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  3. Think about this. For an officer to get fired they have to go through intense scrutiny and have multiple layers of protection via their very strong union. There is no way an officer could be fired for dancing at a festival. Stupid, stupid pandering. Shameful website.


  4. How ridiculous…..Im am sorry that this cop was punished for being a fun, warm member of the human race showing genuine pleasure in supporting other members of humanity. 😦


  5. Unbelievable. What a ridiculous reaction. Minorities in this Country have been begging for fair and equal treatment according to the law for hundreds of years. Interactions with the police haven’t been exactly pleasant for the homosexual community…and for gay men in particular. The fact that one police officer stood up to dance with a gay man during Pride shows some serious progress in the way the police views the gay community. Punishing this guy is just confirmation for the rest of the police force that having a fun, friendly interaction with a gay man is not tolerated. Why would any other cop want to change his or her actions if it meant job termination? This is so deeply routed in our culture that it doesn’t even matter if no one understands why it’s done in the first place. It’s justified because it’s always been that way. It has to stop some time, some where.

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    1. Although this may be satire and apparently amusing, it’s actually a really idiotic and stupid thing to do, considering the existing inflammatory issues going on.


        1. You’re right – but just because you’ve made something up doesn’t make it satire. I could say you punched a puppy in the face this morning. People might get angry with you for it, but not because it’s a satirical comment. It’s just a lie I made up.


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