2013 Miss Universe Gabriela Isler with Donald Trump
2013 Miss Universe Gabriela Isler with Donald Trump

MIAMI, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles ®) – Real Estate mogul and owner of the Miss Universe Pageant Donald Trump announced last week he is running for president of the United States.  In his  kick-off speech, he said that if elected, he will build a “great wall” on the border and make Mexico pay for it because Mexico is sending immigrants who are rapists, drug dealers and criminals.

Now, Trump is eating his own words and is suffering from constipation.

Univision, the leading Spanish-language network has announced that it is firing Donald Trump.  The network will not be airing the Miss U.S.A. Pageant scheduled for July 12 because of Trump’s “offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants.” “Neither are we airing the next Miss Universe Pageant,” it said.

Mexico and other  Spanish-speaking countries in South America constitute the largest share of audiences for the highly popular international beauty competition.  Representatives of Mexico and other Latin countries consistently fare very well in the competition and collectively have the most number of Miss Universe crowns.

There is growing speculation that Mexico and the other Latin countries may not be sending any representatives to the Miss Universe Pageant this year because of Trump’s racist remarks.

That would spell big trouble for Trump because without the Latin candidates, the Miss Universe Pageant would not generate the kind of huge audiences that it usually enjoys.

Because the Philippines has very close ties with Mexico and most countries in South America, local Philippine networks are also contemplating about not airing the Miss Universe Pageant.

Stella Marquez-Araneta, head of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities which holds the Philippine franchise for the Miss Universe Pageant, told The Adobo Chronicles® that she plans to eliminate the Miss Philippines-Universe crown and try to buy the local franchise for the Miss World Pageant instead.

Is this the end for Miss Universe?

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