Torre de Manila, Philippines, left, and San Francisco, right

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles ® ) – The 49-story Torre de Manila condominium project in the Philippines’ capital has been so controversial that it has reached the Supreme Court which will have to decide on the fate of this infrastructure development.

The controversy is based on the fact that the building, when completed, will provide an ugly and inapprorpriate backdrop to the nation’s premier monument at Manila’s Luneta Park featuring its national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

Lawmakers on Tuesday urged property developer D.M. Consunji Inc. (DMCI) to voluntarily demolish the controversial building rather than wait for the Supreme Court to issue a final ruling on the matter.

Realizing that it has nothing but a losing case on its side, DMCI has finally agreed to abandon the  project and demolish the building.

DMCI has come to the decision after it received confirmation from San Francisco that the City by the Bay has approved its application to build a similar project near the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee informed DMCI that the condominium project will help ease the American city’s housing shortage and uncontrollable skyrocketing of apartment rent.

Lee said that after seeing an artist’s rendition of how the condominium project will look like as a backdrop to the Golden Gate Bridge, he decided it would be great fit to San Francisco’s image and skyline.




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