wifi-philippines_1The Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is planning to roll out its free public Wi-Fi internet access project across the country beginning July of this year.

The One Billion-peso “Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places” project aims to provide free Wi-Fi Internet access in select public spaces in the country including parks and plazas, airports and seaports, public schools and hospitals, train stations and government offices.

Once fully deployed, the Project will serve 105,000 concurrent users with an average speed of 256 kbps (kilobytes) each. (Remember, the Philippines has a population of 100 Million.)

The DOST announcement was met with yawns and giggles by the Internet-savvy Filipinos, and here’s why:

256 kbps is equivalent to 2.048 Mbps (Megabits)

To put it in perspective, let’s take a look at the wi-fi speed in South Korea:


That’s 47.73 Mbps download and 48.99 Mbps upload speed in South Korea vs. 2.048 Mbps in the Philippines! And it is estimated that almost half of South Korea’s 50 Million population have access to high-speed Internet.

Any questions? Log on to the website of the DOST. That is, if you are able to get a connection, or have time for a little nap while waiting for your connection.

Perhaps, instead of building more high-rise condos and shopping malls, the Philippines should build a better Internet infrastructure. After all, isn’t the Philippines supposed to be the “New Asian Tiger?”

Or is it still the “Sick Man of Asia”  when it comes to Technology?

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