Kim Jong-chul, older brother of Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-chul, older brother of Kim Jong-un

Hollywood, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Literally just hours after it released  ‘The Interview’ on Google Play, YouTube Movies and Xbox Video, Sony Pictures announced that it has started filming the sequel to the controversial movie about the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

It is believed that the movie which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco was the reason that lead to the hacking of Sony Pictures.  North Korea is suspected of being responsible for the cyber attack.

Sony Pictures had earlier cancelled the Christmas Day release of the film, a move that was criticized by many in Hollywood, as well as President Barack Obama.

The video release of the film is expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for Sony Pictures, given the worldwide publicity it has generated because of the cyber attack.

Riding on what it expects to be a huge financial success, Sony has signed up Rogen and Franco to do ‘The Interview Part 2.’  The new plot revolves around the assassination of Kim Jong-chul who is Kim Jong-un’s reel and real-life older brother.  The film sequel begins with the Jong-chul succeeding his assassinated brother and becoming the new North Korean supreme leader.

Sony Pictures refused to answer reporters’ questions on whether Kim Jong-chul ends up being assassinated in the film sequel.

Asked whether the sequel will be released in theaters or on DVD, a spokesperson for Sony said that the decision will come after it has tallied its profits from the DVD release of ‘The Interview’ (Part 1).


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