imageManila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – In one weekend, the Philippines broke two Guinness World Records, bringing both prestige and jubilation to this country of 100 Million people.

First, the Central Philippines City of Cebu broke the current Guinness record for the largest single Zumba class, eclipsing the current record of 6,671 held by India.  Cebu’s number reached a total of 8,232 participants.

Even before this rare distinction could sink in among the Filipinos, a Guinness World Records Adjudicator announced a second world record for the Philippines . The announcement was made from the Guinness headquarters in London that the Philippines is now home to the largest pork barrel in the world.

The Guinness announcement said that pork barrel — which refers to the use of taxpayer funds to pay for local politicians’ pet projects in their respective jurisdictions or localities – is common in almost all governments. However, the Philippines holds the record of the largest amount of pork barrel funds illegally expended by politicians anywhere in the world. Guinness added that the Philippine pork barrel record is unique because it involves almost all sectors of government — from the Office of the President to the Senate and House of Representatives to the Supreme Court and local governors and mayors. Even the Philippine Catholic Church has been implicated or benefited from the pork barrel scandal.

Guinness said that it would be very difficult for other countries to surpass the Philippine record.

Upon  hearing of the news, President NoyNoy Aquino convened his cabinet for a celebratory gathering in Malacañang, the presidential palace, where San Miguel beer and the favorite sisig appetizer flowed all night.


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