Aquino, left, and Barroso

San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Filipino and Filipino American fashionistas lashed out at Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino for “shaming ” them in the world of fashion.

The outcry came after Aquino appeared in a press conference with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso in Brussels, Belgium, after a bilateral meeting on territorial disputes between the Philippines and China over oil-rich islands in the South China and West Philippine Seas.

Aquino veered away from his usual barong tagalog and donned a dark suit that the fashionistas described as a vintage coat with rounded lapels and a striped necktie that looked like it was purchased from Goodwill or Salvation Army used clothing outlets. His left collar also protruded like it needed some good ironing.

A Filipino fashionista living in the U.S.  West Coast, Reyna Elena, told The Adobo Chronicles that Aquino seemed to think he was still living in the 1800s. “What was he thinking?” he added.

Others said  that it was probably time for  Aquino, a bachelor, to take a wife who could check on his wardrobe, especially in his international appearances.

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