Mateo and Ellen
Mateo and Ellen

Burbank, California – Last week, The Adobo Chronicles reported that three-year-old YouTube sensation Mateo Beltran who was videotaped arguing with his mom Linda over cupcakes demanded that he be paid $50,000 for his and his mom’s appearance on the Ellen Show.  Upon watching the YouTube video, host Ellen DeGeneres invited mother and son to be guests on her show.

This week, Mateo and Linda did appear on Ellen’s show, but to the little boy’s disappointment, all he got was $10,000 and some cupcakes.  Just before coming out on the show, Mateo was informed about the gift of cash and cupcakes.  He was not happy.

So during the live taping of the show, Mateo did nothing close to his witty, argumentative and endearing performance that millions saw on YouTube.  He just sat on Linda’s lap, had one-word responses to Ellen’s questions, and basically did not pay attention to what was going on.

Ellen was of course equally disappointed, but learned a good lesson that no one, not even a celebrity television host, can shortchange a smart three-year-old, especially one named Mateo Beltran.

Here is a clip of Mateo appearance on the Ellen Show.

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