chevyMoscow, Russia – Though General Motors will soon make Chevy cars a thing of the past in Europe, the American automaker is committed to advancing the Chevy brand in Russia and other former Soviet countries. Or, maybe not.  At least not in Russia.

The government of President Valdimir Putin has decreed to permanently ban the sale of Chevy cars in Russia following the airing of a Chevy television commercial during the Sochi Winter Olympics telecast.  The Chevy ad features a segment showing a marriage ceremony between two gay men.  Russia has existing laws prohibiting the public display of homosexuality, but General Motors sneaked in the gay segment in its car commercial. It may have well been a marketing strategy gone awry.

Now GM will have to find a new market for its Chevy cars elsewhere outside of Russia.  Informed sources have secretly indicated to The Adobo Chronicles that GM may auction off its fleet of Chevy cars  now parked at Russian dealerships for half price in Central and Southeast Asia.

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