imageTacloban City, Philippines – David Beckham may be the hottest and most famous man in the world of soccer, but apparently no one in Tacloban City, Philippines knows who he is.

Beckham is scheduled to spend Valentine’s Day in this Typhoon Haiyan-ravaged city in Central Philippines as part of a United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) effort to focus world attention on the plight of children and others whose lives were devastated by the  most powerful typhoon to make landfall.

Ten out of ten local residents interviewed by The Adobo Chronicles had no clue on who Beckham was. Asked to venture a guess after being shown a photograph of Beckham, responses ranged from “Prime Minister of Great Britain” to “Vice President of the United States” to “the next James Bond.” Ironically, when a photo of Beckham’s wife was shown even to little kids, they were quick to answer, “Victoria, the Spice girl.”

Soccer or for that matter, football, is not a sport widely played in the Philippines, unlike basketball. There is a make-shift basketball court in every corner in many Philippine neighborhoods. Ask Filipinos to name their favorite international basketball star and you will immediately get responses like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and yes, Dennis Rodman.

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