imageCampbell, California – Google, be afraid. Be very afraid. The beginning of a new year signals the start of new things: new laws, new trends, new start-ups.

In an obscure garage right on the border of San Jose and Campbell, a new, fun, tech company has made its debut as of January 1. A brainchild of  two former Apple employees, Giggle made its initial bow, promising to stage a “David vs. Goliath” challenge to the Silicon Valley’s most successful tech company, Google.

Giggle’s maiden product is called iDream, a smart phone-activated eye mask, similar to those being handed out in the first-class sections of commercial airlines. It syncs with the smart phone, using an amazing app that lets the user experience his or her favorite television or movie character, and be that character for as long as the mask is in place.  For example, one can be Mary Poppins or Spiderman or  even Godzilla. Unlike real-life dreams, the iDream experience does not end abruptly.  Rather, it ends only when the user decides to take the mask off.

The young inventors (and investors) hope to have their initial product in the market by February 14. Many tech analysts are saying that the iDream is by far the biggest threat to  the Google Glass.

A television commercial introducing the iDream is set to begin airing in a few weeks, featuring Ann Hathaway reprising her tear and saliva-filled rendition of the song “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Misérables.

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