imageRome, Italy – Pope Francis continues to surprise the Roman Catholic Church with his unprecedented papal lifestyle changes. He has chosen to abandon the plush papal residence to live in a modest Vatican apartment with other clergy. As previously reported by The Adobo Chronicles, the pontiff has also auctioned off his popemobile, red shoes and pure gold jewelry on eBay.

Now, his cardinals are vehemently protesting his latest directive banning the church’s princes from wearing the traditional magna capa, the ceremonial robe that has a long train much like a wedding dress.  In issuing the directive,  Pope Francis reminded his cardinals that “we are fishermen, not royal kings or queens. Our power comes from God, not from the worldy symbols of opulence like thrones and scepters and robes.”

As part of the protest, the cardinals have threatened to go on a hunger strike beginning at midnight on Christmas.  They said they will call off the strike only if Pope Francis rescinded his directive. “His Holiness must understand that the magna capa is the one last remaining pleasure we are privileged to have as bishops of Rome,” said one of the protesting cardinals.

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