Jollibee Testifies Before Philippine Senate On Pork Barrel Scam

imageManila, Philippines – The fat, stupid, happy bee is once again making headlines in the Philippines, just months after it put the  clown permanently out of business in this Asian country of almost 100 million people. See story on the merger of Jollibee and McDonald’s .

As charges of plunder were filed against Janet Lim-Napoles and ranking members of the Philippine Senate this week, the names of more politicians were implicated in testimonies by whistleblowers in the escalating pork barrel scam. The scam involves the diversion of more than 10 billion pesos of taxpayer money into the coffers of fake non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as into the pockets of national and local politicians.

In a privilege speech in the Senate, Senator Jinggoy Estrada, one of the Senators charged in the scam, decried what he termed “selective justice” by being singled out among many others who have personally benefited from this money scandal. During  his speech, Estrada suggested that Jollibee, one of the most successful food business enterprises in the country, also benefited from the pork barrel. Estrada did not reveal any details of the alleged involvement of Jollibee in the scam.

Yesterday, Jollibee was summoned to the floor of Congress to answer the allegation by Estrada.

Under oath, Jollibee made a very brief statement at the hearing, then took the Fifth, saying he refuses to answer any questions from the senators on the grounds that he might incriminate himself.

His brief statement: “I can assure this respectable chamber and our millions of loyal customers that Jollibee’s hamburgers are not tainted in any way by pork.  Our burgers are 100% beef.”

5 thoughts on “Jollibee Testifies Before Philippine Senate On Pork Barrel Scam”

  1. Estrada makes a statement under oath and then refuses to answers questions on the grounds that he maybe caught lying. And the Senate fell for that ? LOL My conclousion i that Jollybee burgers DO contain pork. Preriod !! Otherwise how could Estrada be so worried about being caught lying by the senators’s questionsx ? –Even a 5-yr old can see that.


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