Roxas, left, and Aquino
Roxas, left, and Aquino

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) –  Initially one of the leading contenders in the 2010 Philippine presidential elections, now Secretary of Interior and Local Governments Mar Roxas slid down to become a vice-presidential candidate in order to make way for  then Senator NoyNoy Aquino. Roxas was was defeated by Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay by the narrowest margin in the history of the Fifth Republic.

In the last 5 years, Roxas has been one of Aquino’s staunchest supporters and apologists, often sacrificing his own reputation and integrity just to make Aquino look good in the eyes of the Filipino people.

Now, Aquino is reportedly mulling on courting Senators Grace Poe and Francis Escudero to run as a tandem under the Liberal Party  in the 2016 presidential elections, as the ratings of presumptive standard bearer Roxas fail to improve.

Binay is the opposition party’s standard bearer.

Upon hearing of Aquino’s plan for the party, Roxas screamed an expletive, the same one that he was heard saying at a campaign rally in 2010. (The Adobo Chronicles is a family-oriented news site, so we can’t print the expletive.)

“I have been betrayed,” Roxas said. “After all that I’ve done for Aquino, this is what I get,” he added. A very religious man, Roxas likened himself to Jesus being betrayed by Judas.

In his frustration, Roxas told reporters that if he is not annointed as the party’s standard bearer, he will immediately resign as Local Governments secretary and work for Binay’s political campaign. “Let’s see who will have the last laugh,” Roxas said.


The seminarian, cop, and doctor
The seminarian, the cop, and the doctor

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Filipinos have short-term memories.

It was just months ago when they swooned over the handsome seminarian who sang the responsorial psalm at a mass celebrated by Pope Francis during his Manila visit. Kenneth Rey Parsad became a local Internet sensation for his looks and good voice.

Then there was Neil Perez, the hot cop of Manila whose looks and body build made him the overwhelming favorite to win a local male beauty pageant.  Perez went on to win the Mister International competition, making his countrymen very proud.

But that was all in the past.

The newest Internet sensation is Mark Agas, a 32-year-old doctor who is an ophthalmology resident at St. Luke’s Medical Center.  A video of him working in front of a computer and talking to his patient who was taking a video of him was posted on social media.  It immediately went viral.

So, it is confirmed.  Filipinos are not just crazy over their beauty queens.  They also look up to their male hunks.

If you have the looks and the body build, why not post your photo or video on the Internet.  Who knows, you might be the next Internet sensation!


imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) –  For the first time since the Philippines gained full sovereignty from the United States in 1946, Filipinos will be given the chance to determine their country’s future.

A joint session of the Philippine Congress has approved a resolution calling for a national referendum on whether or not the former American colony should become the 51st state of the U.S. of A.

The referendum will coincide with the country’s 2016 presidential elections.

While the results of the referendum will  not be legally binding, it will send a clear message to the United States about how the Filipinos think of their own government, and of Uncle Sam.

The power to accept any territory or country into the Union rests with the United States Congress.

If approved by the Filipino people through the referendum and favorably acted upon by the U.S. Congress, the Philippines will become the 51st or 52nd state.

Previously, Puerto Rico, in a similar nonbinding referendum, voted 61% to 33% for statehood, while the remaining 6% favored outright independence. Puerto Rico is one of the U.S. territories, along with Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands,  American Samoa and the Northern Marianas.

If the Philippines becomes a state of the U.S., whomever is elected president in 2016 will automatically become governor of the new state.

Already the campaign for statehood has been launched through an online petition with 7,000 signatures so far.


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